Sunday, September 10, 2006

Google Reader: Create Your Personal Reading List

There is always something exciting about "Google" and a rich array of free softwares and features available for internet users. I would like to share about Google Reader. I love reading a lot, and "Google Reader" is a place I can subscribe to "feeds" and expand my reading list. So far I've only tried using Google Reader from my notebook -- may try it using my Cybook later. Google reader is a good way to keep track of one's reading and be informed of new changes when they occur. Looking for new things to read (and keeping up with topics) is a breeze with Google Reader.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Read Books from Google Book Search: Testing Out

Today I tested out reading the French text classics Marion De Lorme from Google Book Search.

Reading Online from Notebook computer:
  • the pages loaded very fast (because of broadband connection) and it was easy to turn from one page to another ... just click on the pages
  • in my case, each of the pages took less than 2 seconds to load completely when reading online
Reading offline on notebook computer:
  • (I use Firefox browser and Foxit PDF Reader by default) I find that downloading the 2.4MB files takes less than a minute but when the Foxit PDF reader opened up, the words were not rendered. I was also not able to save the file from the PDF as it was saved to the temporary folder.
  • When I switched to using Adobe Reader, all the text was rendered well. Reading from Adobe Reader was OK but I still prefer reading it online if possible.
Reading on Cybook:
  • First, I need to download the file to a folder that would be synchronized with Cybook ebook reader when I connect it to my computer.
  • While I was able to save the file to the folder, synchronization did not copy the files over to Cybook. It seems that the files could not be copied or that there wasn't enough memory in my Cybook to store the PDF files (I still haven't figured out the real problem). So in the meantime, reading on Cybook it not feasible.
  • So I connected my Cybook to Google Book Search, located the book and tried to connect to it. My Wi-Fi connection was too slow and there was problem connecting to it. On successful connection, I was not able to read anything on the pages online while all other text that were outside of the pages were clearly visible. Now I wonder if my Cybook was set up properly to read the images (which all the text were in).
  • Interestingly, I was able to read the text on some other books which have limited preview on my Cybook but those text were rendered too small. Changing the font size only changes the font size "outside the page" and not on the page of the selected book.