Wednesday, February 28, 2007

eBook88's New Look has been redesigned this week and several pages have updated information. As there are more and more visitors to the site, I will try to keep the file size of each page small and that means recoding and using CSS extensively (there will be more improvement in the weeks to come). I have also kept all the navigation at one place to make the site more accessible. started as a hobby site way back in the 2002 - but it has grown tremendously over the past year as it continues to record a high bookmarked rate of between 30%-40+% almost every month! That may perhaps show that more and more people are interested in eBooks.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Read .pdf format eBooks With Foxit Reader

I have been using Foxit reader for more than 2 years now and is totally satisfied with the speed it renders a file. In fact, whenever a .pdf format ebook is submitted, Foxit 2.0 reader is the default reader I used to open the .pdf files -- every ebook, whether a large file or small opens in a "snap"!

Now this reader is even built for U3 Smart Drive, read what the software site says:
"Foxit Reader 2.0 for U3 is extremely small, fast and easy-to-use. With the new version for U3, you can walk to any PC and open a PDF file, without worrying about whether the huge Adobe Reader is installed. The PDF file itself can reside either on the PC or on the U3 drive. And Foxit Reader for U3 launches within seconds, so you don't have to wait for an annoying "Welcome" splash window to disappear."
But the most exciting news is that Foxit reader can now be used on Windows mobile devices and no installation is needed - just download the software, unzip it and copy it to your devices - and supports Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows CE 5.0, Windows CE 4.2 and Windows Mobile 2003.