Saturday, March 31, 2007

Keeping the Integrity of site

eBook88 is intended to be a Family-friendly site. However, recently, spammers have been aggressively targeting the site and posting persistently to both the forum and the ebook directory. We have to monitor the forum almost round the clock to delete unsuitable materials. This is both time consuming and irritating - thus we have decided to delete the forum entirely. However, our ebook forum directory will stay.

In the past, we have also received ebook submissions that did not abide by our guidelines. 90% were submitted by bots. Some had submitted URLs that were pointing to their own computer hard disks! We go through the submissions and when we come to links that do not work, or that the form is incomplete (e.g. no authors mentioned, or no submitter's name) - those were deleted. Only 10% of all ebooks submitted made it to our ebook directory as we want only quality materials listed - but this is not a guarantee.

We hope to uphold the integrity of this site as a family-friendly ebook site for all ages and will not hesitate to remove any interactive features on the site if needed. We want our young visitors to enjoy this site as it was first intended to be when the site came about 5 years ago: a place to list my music instruction ebook, an educational ebook information site to keep us informed about the ebook industry, and a place where my students, my children and nieces and nephews can visit to look for kids ebooks.