Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Received A Writing Tool for Christmas!

About Alphasmart
I longed to own an Alphasmart writing device for several years and was finally given one for Christmas. This writing device is extremely easy to learn. After removing it from the box and installing 3 AAA batteries, it was ready for use. I reserve file 1 to file 4 for myself while other members of my family use file 5 to file 8 - we all love to write. What a good thing that this device could be shared amongst different users. The fact that it is compatible with both the Mac and Windows OS makes it perfect for us! Because we keep the machine in our bags most of the time, the "enabling 2 keys" to turn the machine on is a well-thought out feature as that will prevent the machine from being accidentally turned on. We can also password protect each individual files if desired.

Each file can store up to 50 pages of text and that's a lot! While away, I wrote a 10
page journal during my vacation on my Alphasmart Neo and when I got back home, all I did was to open new a file using my favorite word processor, gave it a file name, wrote an introductory paragraph and then connected the device to my computer! The lines of text were then transferred word by word onto my word processor (from where my cursor was) as if someone was there typing them!

My child wrote a short story while waiting at the airport and continued it during the 15 hours plane ride. By the time we got home, the story was ready to be transferred to the NeoOffice (a free word processor for the Macbook) and we were impressed!

Since writing could be done so conveniently with an Alphasmart device, it is good news for ebook writers! The Alphasmart device is very light, the batteries last a good 700 hours, and the instant on and off feature is what I love the most!

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