Saturday, December 05, 2009

My New Amazon Kindle!

In late October, my Kindle arrived in HK! The joy was beyond words. It was a long wait since 2002 when I first started this eBook web site and had been wishing that one day, I would own a dedicated reading device that could allow me to read many books without the hassle of waiting (plus expensive shipping). That dream came true at last!

The package was elegant, almost tamper-proof, and very intuitive to set up! Since getting my Kindle, I've already ordered 10 books from and simultaneously reading them. I am bringing my Kindle everywhere I go! There will be no moment of boredom. Best of all, I am saving on space, saving lots on shipping fees (which could at times cost more than the book), being able to shop and download the eBooks instantly from anywhere, wirelessly, onto my Kindle.

Owning a Kindle even changed my reading habits! I used to only read non-fictions, but is now trying novels ... especially those being made into movies, like "Coco and Igor Stravinsky"! The movie sold out in HK, so I am getting the Kindle eBook version. More so, I'm buying more self-help improvement books which I will have second thoughts displaying on my physical bookshelves.

To me, owning a Kindle really means freedom, besides convenience. By the way, I got so many curious looks when reading in the train or other public places ... the Kindle reader is still a NOVELTY in Hong Kong.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Kindle Wireless Reading Device (6" Display, U.S. & International Wireless, Latest Generation) in Hong Kong & Internationally

The Kindle Wireless Reading Device will be available in Hong Kong and internationally from October 19.
Here's a video interview:

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Reading eBooks on iPhone

ebook page on iPhoneebook software for iPhoneTwo months ago I finally got an iPhone so that I could read ebooks while travelling. There were several eBooks software to choose from and I chose "Stanza" after reading the reviews.

The good thing about reading on an iPhone is the portability and convenience since it is a device I carry around everyday. However, the screen is way too small and the battery life is not long enough. But this is still the best option before Kindle becomes available in my country!

One frustration is the limited number of good books that I can purchase despite being able to access so many online ebookstores. There is nothing like being able to own a Kindle and accessing over 350,000 titles (many available in hardcopies too).

But on Oct.8, my dream is becoming reality! I read in the papers in my country that an international version of the ereader, Kindle, would be released. Wow, I have placed an order for one!

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Anyone can publish an ebook on Kindle?

This is astonishing, but again it's not for those who are not in the United States. While browsing for some printed books to buy (can't get Kindle version) I saw a link that reads "Are you an Author or Publisher?" and followed it. I landed on an introduction/login page to's Digital Text Platform and got the idea that anyone who has an's account and a ebook to sell can publish his or her content in the Amazon Kindle Store in minutes!

It makes me feel like I'm in literary exile. Firstly, almost all dedicated ebook reading devices are not available for sale in Hong Kong (maybe no market for such a gadget) and while I understand that the Kindle is not available for sale/use outside of USA, even Amazon Shorts (Short literary works delivered digitally through the internet) are not for us either because of geographical restrictions. There aren't many bookstores in HK and when comparing book prices, they are still more expensive than when I get them from

I cannot think of another bookstore I will get all my reading materials from as I have patronized for more than half a decade but I certainly feel left out of its recent e-book development. I thought that while shipping fees and the time it took for delivery of hard copies were too much for a lot of readers residing outside United States, e-books might be the answer for them but that did not seem to be the case.

My dream, an e-bookstore that sells to customers internationally.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Kindle: I can only DREAM to own one

I have been following the ebook device trend since way back in 2002 and dreamt of owning a good device one day. My very first ebook reading device was the first generation Cybook - and still occasionally use it. To me, Cytale Cybook was more like a tablet PC. I have yet to get hold of their 3rd generation device which seems more powerful. I would love to have that because of its ability to display PDF files which I use extensively for work. So far I have used my old Cybook to read free ebooks only because should I forget to keep it charged, I lose all my data as the device reset to factory setting!

So I waited ... perhaps one day I might buy the Gen 3 device. Last week I was pleasantly surprised to learn about Kindle - the wireless ebook device by But to my great disappointment, this device could not be sold nor used outside of USA. I hope this could change in the future. As an avid reader, I have bought many books from and paid a lot in shipping fees to ship those books all the way to Asia! Then having to wait 2 weeks for delivery was not good experience either.

Kindle would be the ideal device for me if I had lived in the US! So I bought an Asus eee PC instead and is now using that as an eBook device as well as an ultra mobile PC (which I paid an equivalent of USD385). I have bought 2 ebooks from and enjoyed reading them on the eee PC very much. However, the battery could only last 3 hours or less. So until I could get a better eBook device - I would be quite happy to use the eee PC as my preferred reader. But I really envy those who are able to own a Kindle!

ASUS Eee PC 4G Notebook PC (7", 512 MB RAM), Pearl White

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