Friday, February 15, 2008

Updating Our eBook Directory

We have been busy updating our old ebook directory and deleting many links that no longer work. Only a few links remain. The pages have been given a new color scheme too! The old directory (which is directly accessible from our custom ebook browser) was about 4 years old, and two years ago, we had stopped putting entries there as our new ebook directory came into operation.

We love getting good ebooks and we check the submission daily. However, some authors may find that their ebooks never make it into our directory because:
1) the link provided is NOT working (e.g. a link to their own hard disk is submitted!)
2) the ebook submitted is NOT a free ebook (this is a directory for FREE ebooks, NOT a directory for PAID ebooks)
3) we do not think the ebook fits any of the categories that we specify - we prefer educational ebooks
4) the link submitted does not lead to an ebook (not even an HTML version)
5) the ebook is a collection of affiliate links or a marketing catalogue that does not teach anything
6) the ebook belongs to someone else, and we have to seek permission from the author to list the ebook - it's extra work for us
7) the ebook is in a format we cannot recognize, or require us to unzip the files
8) to get the ebook, we have to register with our email and name

Since we access your ebooks before listing them, making it difficult or impossible for us to get your ebooks means they won't get listed.

It is our sincere wish to make the directory one which offers quality and not just quantity.